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3 Minute Mile is the UK's exclusive accreditation, distribution and research partner for Kaiser Leadership Solutions (KLS).  KLS is led by Rob Kaiser, the internationally respected thought leader behind the concept of Versatile Leadership and publisher of the Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) - the thinking leader's 360° performance assessment - a truly unique and highly innovative multi-rater feedback methodology.



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Certification- Three course components:

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  • Pre-work: read “Developing Versatile Leadership” (Sloan Management Review) & “Stop Overdoing Your Strengths” (Harvard Business Review).
  • Three hour webinar on Versatility Leadership & the LVI report. Learn how to apply the results with a page-by-page explanation of the report. Use insight to coach & build personal development plans. Interpret sample reports. Learn to leverage the LVI to identify and engage recipients in the outer & inner (assessed with Hogan) work of development.
  • Practicum: 1:1 60 min session with an LVI master practitioner: prepare your 1st feedback session, identify key themes, co-create a session game plan; discover how to use supporting tools; highlight trends in data, discuss how to conduct the session & plan your summary. Embed learning and enhance your coaching effectiveness with versatility.