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Sarah Bonner - Associate


Sarah has over 15 years of creative industry experience and became an organisational psychologist because she is fascinated with human behaviour, particularly in a workplace context. Throughout her career, Sarah has always sought to understand what makes people ‘tick’, in order to develop the skills needed to be a collaborative team member and nurturing leader. As a result, she understands the behavioural challenges organisations face on a daily basis, and the level of engagement needed to instigate change not just from the top down but from the bottom up too. This is why Sarah is passionate about personal development and is focused on helping employers and employees to fulfil their potential, accomplish work-related goals and achieve success as a cohesive team.


With a background in client service account management, Sarah understands that relationships built on trust and mutual respect lead to the best outcomes. Therefore she takes the time to build a good rapport with her clients and understand their needs. This allows Sarah to successfully support her clients with their developmental journey, which in turn helps global businesses to achieve their organisational goals.


Having studied Sport Science at Brunel University as part of her undergraduate degree and most recently gained an MSc in Organisational Psychology from City of London University, Sarah understands the importance of team performance and how developing leadership talent is the key to sustainable business success. Whilst studying for her master’s degree, Sarah relished the opportunity to develop her understanding of modern leadership models. This rich learning experience gave her an even greater awareness of leadership behaviour and how, fundamentally, it can increase employee engagement, promote psychological wellbeing and grow team productivity.


Sarah has a wealth of experience when it comes to working with large teams and supporting them through highly pressurised projects. She understands the work-stresses involved in product launches, new business pitches and multiple-stakeholder projects, and is acutely aware of the importance of a healthy team dynamic. This means Sarah recognises the challenges facing emergent leaders looking for effective ways to manage diverse workforces. As a result, she is able to use her practical experience to facilitate the leadership development process, offering the level of empathy that is needed and expected by our clients at all times.


Sarah’s experience ranges from graduate assessment to delivering developmental feedback to leaders within the construction industry. She is also part of a team of consultants delivering a long-term leadership program, which includes working with the leaders to produce personal development plans to ensure continued success.


Sarah would describe herself as a people person and enjoys spending time with people from all walks of like. She is an experienced qualitative researcher and is adept at putting people at ease when interviewing them on any given subject. Sarah is also skilled at delivering developmental feedback to leaders within the construction industry.


In addition to being accredited in the Hogan suite of assessments, Sarah is a member of the Association of Business Psychologists.


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