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Richard Mayson - Consultant


Richard Mayson is an ex-Royal Marine Commando with experience in a Tier 2 UK Special Forces unit. Using his background in the military and private security industry Richard now coaches awareness and improvement in non-verbal communication.


Richard’s interest in Non Verbal Language began whilst working with local informants for NATO forces in Afghanistan. Following this exposure to the intricacies of non verbal communication in stressful environments, Richard has been studying the subject for the past five years and applies a set of learned skills and techniques to help his clients engage and communicate more effectively.


Richard’s capabilities extend to all business situations where human interaction matters most. He believes that marginal gains in understanding and executing non verbal communication can create advantage. In the business world this improvement means profit.


His specialities are in building rapport with teams and clients and teaching effective analysis of the subtleties of his subject.


Richard is also an accredited feedback coach for the Hogan Assessment System and augments test results with practical non verbal solutions where necessary.




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