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Emma Ferrier - Associate


Emma has been managing projects for 18 years, both directly within organisations and latterly as a consultant. Projects have been both local and global, ranging in size from 5-10 people to 500 people or more.


Emma brings clarity and simplicity to complex business processes and client projects. A natural at managing global projects and dynamic stakeholder environments, Emma is an agile team player who loves to step up to new challenges, epitomising efficient flexibility. That flexibility has been a key behavioural strength in the roles that Emma has had over the years, enabling her to move with the requirements of any project.


Emma has worked on projects requiring a wide range of skills and responsibilities, including strategy planning, financial planning, running leadership development and executive assessment programmes, as well as assisting with the design and development of projects. She has worked with people from all over the world, and her ability to both be a part of and lead a team stems from her innate ability to be able to align with others. Emma also has as strong core of great empathy, allowing her to have greater insight into the makeup of the team.


Emma developed her powerful combination of skills in her career at companies including McKinsey & Co and Korn/Ferry International. She has worked on a large variety of projects and initiatives, from the London Olympic bid to the launch of a new, virtual leadership development programme for a global NGO. Her communication skills, dependability and natural leadership bring great advantages to the projects and teams that she works on and with, enabling her to manage stakeholders, team members and speak to her own and other’s strengths and needs.


Emma has worked with a large range of clients, both internal and external, including CMS, Adidas, Barclays, and a global NGO.


Emma has a degree from Edinburgh and has completed the Chartered Institute of Marketing course.