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Hogan Team Assessment and Development Workshop

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The client’s objective was to improve team effectiveness. They wanted to learn more about each other’s strengths and development areas, and to understand how the combination of individual characteristics can make the team exceed expectations or hinder the achievement of objectives. They were also looking for more effective methods to improve the communication channels and share information, to help each other complete tasks, and to discover interdependencies between what they do.



In the first instance 3 Minute Mile proposed the use of the Hogan Team Assessment, followed by individual feedback to the team members to raise their levels of self-awareness and provide them with developmental recommendations. In addition to this we presented the results in a two day team development workshop, consisting of classroom learning, exercises focused on effective communication and activities designed to build trust, generate a better understanding of the team identity and open communication channels between team members.



As a result of the team assessment and the workshop the participants came away with a clear individual and team action plan focused on learning, strategic communication and a shared vision for the achievement of stated business objectives.