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Consumer Management Team Development Citi Greece - 2012

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To ensure that Citi’s newly formed Consumer Management Team in Greece was fully equipped to continue to build a solid foundation of trust necessary to facilitate high performance. Constructive communication and cohesion were essential for the new, executive team, and the focus was to ensure on-going productive group dynamics and overall leadership performance.



3 Minute Mile proposed the application of research-based models of leadership versatility, team alignment and peak performance.


In order to achieve this we proposed a short, concise team assessment. Results were fed back to individual team members to raise levels of strategic self-awareness, and further data collected to ensure the relevant questions were addressed. This information was brought together in a team development experience focused on creating a shared understanding and commitment to team dynamics.


Experiential sessions during the team day engaged participants in exercises that brought their personal feedback to life in group situations. This gave team members the opportunity to understand each other better and build trust in a highly supportive environment.


Output from the team session included tangible actions that helped the team achieve its goals and continue to work together as a high performing group.