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Leadership Development Programme 2

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A National Bank wanted to wind down its commercial real estate business. The Executive Team (approximately 20 people) was facing challenges with the engagement of staff (who were working themselves steadily out of a job) and the alignment of priorities (institutional, business and regulatory changes). This resulted in a lack of cohesion amongst the team and an ebbing reputation across the business.


3 Minute Mile had been asked to facilitate a one day, Hogan personality-based work shop to help the team identify what they needed to do in order to:


Working together with the team, we clearly identified what needed to be done and how the personalities that comprised the team might help, or hinder their progress.


90 days later, the Managing Director of the Bank called us to ask us for additional support. The team had delivered amazing results in reducing their portfolio over the last 12 months. However, the incredible amount of change was not being managed well and the team had quickly retreated to previous ways of working in silos and ‘bombarding’ the wider business with a large number of projects, without demonstrating alignment or achieving buy in from the staff to ensure support.


This was causing a great deal of friction amongst the Team and fractured relationships had begun to develop…



3 Minute Mile carried out individual, phone-based interviews with each Executive Team member, to discover how they perceived the situation, how they personally had contributed and what they could do to ‘fix it’.


The themes from these conversations were presented to the Managing Director for the business and his own thoughts were noted.


A second team day was held, getting into more detail, not just about ‘what’ needed to be done, but ‘how’ the team would achieve these specific objectives.


Team remembers were paired according to the ‘fractured relationships’ observed by the MD, encouraging them to work collaboratively towards a shared goal.


Individual coaching sessions were set up for a select group of Executive Team Members (6 in total), identified by the MD of the business. These coaching sessions were designed to support the Team Members in the leading of their own functions and also in the breaking down of silos within the business. Our goal was to help the Team work together much more effectively and to assist with the strategic design of the business, to be better equipped to deliver its goals and meet internal and external challenges.



Individual members of the team are still undergoing their coaching programmes.


Team Members have accepted responsibility and accountability to achieve specific business and team-related goals, through a set of supported actions.


The next team ‘check in’ day has been scheduled to ensure that Team Members are holding each other to account.


To date, the Team has taken the decision to restructure an existing function and create a business change management function to help coordinate the introduction of change into the business.


The relationships between most Team Members have improved dramatically. Incidences of what could be called ‘bullying’ behaviours were quickly identified and addressed through the individual coaching sessions and by the people involved.


The pace of change has moved to a place where the wider team can absorb it, without slipping on their main, business-related, objectives.


The MD of the business is hugely supportive of the interventions and their impact, acting as a reference for 3 Minute Mile with other clients.