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Leadership Development Programme

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The client wanted to improve the quality of management dialogues within the organisation, whilst embedding a new set of leadership behaviours. The company was expanding quickly through acquisition and their managers needed to be well equipped to deal with the upcoming culture change that this would bring. Specific areas of deficiency that were highlighted by an employee engagement survey were:



Participants were required to complete pre-work in the form of reading case studies and scenarios, a 1:1 with their line manager to agree on leadership tasks and the online Hogan Leadership Forecast Series. 3 Minute Mile worked in conjunction with our partners, Stanton Maris and the client’s L&D team to design and deliver a Programme consisting of three 1 day modules. Before the first module, 3 Minute Mile administered psychometric tests (Hogan HPI, HDS and MVPI) to all participants and created personal blueprints for each that clearly demonstrated how their personality and motivation might help or hinder their ability to consistently display behaviours that were in line with the company’s new framework.


In between modules 1 and 2 Application Groups and Coaching Trios were formed, through which participants helped each other to embed learnings and apply skills and knowledge to ensure retention beyond initial workshop attendance. To further boost the impact of the Programme Personal Journey plans were developed during 30 minute post Programme “next steps”, phone based sessions with a coach to embed learnings and identify ways to continue their personal learning journey. A wide range of materials were used during the programme to appeal to different learning styles including videos (four five minute videos for use in Module 1 including scripting), role plays, case studies, presentations and web learning solutions (webinar briefing and pre-work before each module).



Participants rated the Programme very highly and score on the employee survey improved in the targeted areas.