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Graduate Recruitment Programme

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The client wanted to attract and select the brightest talent in their graduate recruitment programmes, but had become increasingly concerned that the verbal and numerical tests that they had been using may have had an adverse impact on the selection process. Although they agreed that intelligence tests were an important part of their screening process, there was a belief that the traditional methods of testing could be showing a cultural bias in favour of those from a middle class Western background.



In order to address the adverse impact issue and provide a test solution that would not discriminate between participants, regardless of their ethnicity and social or educational background, we proposed using a test that measures cognitive ability. Matrigma consists of 35 non-verbal, matrix type problems that are less sensitive to cultural differences between participants. The results predict the participants’ ability for problem solving, their powers of deduction and their aptitude for perceiving logical connections.



As cognitive ability is extremely hard to spot during an interview, Matrigma makes a unique contribution to the candidate assessment process. The client has now successfully integrated Matrigma into their recruitment programmes, thus aiding and encouraging their commitment to diversity within the organisation.