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Hogan Team Assessment and Development Workshop

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The Shop at Bluebird wanted to support its head office team with a developmental workshop to help them to understand how to maximise their performance and their potential as a team. The objective was to facilitate an engaging experience to provide meaningful career development through strategic self-awareness and to discover new insights about themselves, about each other and about their role as a team within the organisation.



In order to achieve this we used the Hogan Leadership Forecast Series and the Hogan Team Report in the following way:

We used an experiential learning approach, making use of a multi-layered activity that requires the team to work on strategy and operations and to both lead and collaborate.



As a result of the team assessment and the experiential learning the participants came away from the workshop with a deeper understanding, not only of themselves, but also of their performance as a team. The output for the day comprised an action plan which included a) Improving communication by scheduling more meetings in order to increase team spirit and reinforce team bonds, and b) explore their creative potential through more artistic and leisure activities. In addition, they showed a definite improvement in ways of working and communicating as a team - understanding each other’s personality traits and communication style; and everyone came away motivated and inspired.