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Team Effectiveness Workshop December 2012

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To ensure that a team of 8 managers were fully equipped to build a strong team identity and purpose. Improving communication, increasing understanding of one another and encouraging strategic thinking were key requirements in order to challenge them and facilitate on-going team performance.



In order to achieve this we proposed a short, concise team assessment in the first instance. Results were fed back to individual team members to raise levels of strategic self-awareness and this information was brought together in a 2 day team development workshop. The workshop was designed to build trust, provoke thought and encourage communication amongst the group, and, ultimately, commitment to the team. This was achieved through a combination of experiential and classroom learning, and non-vernal communication exercises.



Each participant came away from the workshop with an individual learning plan, a team learning and action plan, a comprehensive development plans and a strategy for communicating their learning and vision to the rest of the business.