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Psychological employment testing is one of the most valid and cost-effective strategies for identifying the most suitable job candidates. By using HoganSelect for your employee selection process, you can identify the work style behaviours most critical for successful performance in a particular job within your organisation. The primary goal of any employee selection assessment process should be to predict job performance. Research shows that organisations that leverage the HoganSelect products have reduced employee turnover, increased productivity, and improved customer service.


Fit Report
The Fit Report is used for high-volume employee selection. It provides a hiring recommendation and a graphical display of scale and cut-score performance, and can be easily customized to include hiring recommendations for multiple positions.Report Cover
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BASIS Report
The Basis Report provides a description of a candidate's fit to the job and organization, a hiring recommendation, behavioural interview guide, and hiring decision process – all the information needed to arrive at a quality hiring decision.Report Cover
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Express Report
The Express Report is an off-the-shelf solution that identifies each candidate as high, moderate, or low fit for a job. The Express Report identifies the candidate’s strengths, areas of concern, and interview styleReport Cover
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Advantage Report
The Advantage Report is an off-the-shelf hiring solution that measures general employability. The online assessment is a quick measure that can be taken in five minutes.Report Cover
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High Potential Report
The High-Potential Report identifies candidates most likely to help meet the future leadership needs of your company. The report aligns with business competencies to provide quality information for selection decisions, on-boarding, and employee development.Report Cover
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Safety Report
The Safety Report outlines candidates’ strengths and areas of concern and evaluates whether he or she is suited for employment in a safety-critical work environment.Report Cover
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