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3 Minute Mile - Leadership development and talent management experts using Hogan Assessment systems to drive optimum business performance, leadership development and effective talent management

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3 Minute Mile have worked with Hogan Assessment Systems since 2004 as one of their Global Distributors and European Training Providers.

We deliver straightforward & evidence-based solutions, so our clients continue to offer innovative people strategies that promote the attraction, retention and effective deployment of key talent. Individuals and organisations are negotiating new ways of working together. Effective leadership, career development and talent management have become essential aspects of employer brand and organisational reputation.


3 Minute Mile partner with Hogan Assessment Systems, the world's most respected assessment providers, in the delivery of high impact solutions.


Based on 25 years of research and development by Drs Joyce and Robert Hogan and their international research team, Hogan Assessment Systems are recognised as a global leader in assessments. Hogan Assessments are extensively validated and peer reviewed for reliability and accuracy.


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